"The Ministry is carrying out actions to anticipate as much as possible the payments of the Reindus Plan," explains the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco; "Despite the suspension of administrative deadlines, progress has been made in the procedure, publishing this motion for a resolution."

140 projects have been proposed by SMEs and micro-companies and the main objective is to improve or modify the production lines. The food industry (43 projects) leads the ranking by sector, followed by the manufacture of metal products (37 projects) and the manufacture of motor vehicles (14 projects).

The average loan is € 635,898.5, with a range that ranges from € 75,759 of the minimum loan to € 19,902,947 of the maximum.

The winning companies must present the corresponding guarantees to qualify for Reindus aid. The final resolution will be approved once the state of alarm decreed by the Government as a consequence of COVID19 has ended.

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