Ministerio de cultura y deporte. inaem

  • TicketsInaem is proceeding to return tickets for shows not performed.
  • In the case of tickets purchased online, the refund will be made automatically the day after the exhibition date for which the tickets were purchased.
  • On the other hand, those locations purchased by phone or at the box office will be returned when the activity in the theaters resumes, at the same box office where the suspended activity was held.
  • In the case of subscriptions: the proportional part corresponding to the tickets for shows that have not been performed is returned, depending on the sales channel as described above.
  • Subscribers who have not received the refund according to the deadlines, can contact our customer service:
  • If you have bought tickets online and have not received the refund according to the deadlines, you can contact Inaem Tickets: 985 67 96 68

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