• The bidding phase of the auction of the use of radio spectrum for the provision of 5G services
  • In total 200 MHz have been auctioned in the 3.6-3.8 GHz frequency band
  • The total amount accumulated by the concessions is 437.65 million euros, which more than quadruples the starting price

Today the bidding phase of the spectrum auction developed by the Ministry of Economy and Business according to Order ETU / 531/2018 of May 25, for the awarding of privately owned concessions of public radioelectric domain in the band 3600-3800 MHz.

A total of thirty-four rounds have been carried out, the first four rounds with the required activity level of 60%, the next nineteen with the required activity level at 80% and the remaining eleven at 100%.

The following is an informative table regarding the auction results. In it, the winning bidder of each concession is collected, as well as the final price of each one of them.

The total amount accumulated by the concessions as a whole amounts to 437,648,520.64 euros.

The accumulated payment to twenty years including interest amounts to 542,140,006.11 euros, to which is added the amount of the fee for radio spectrum reserve that according to its current value for the period of twenty years amounts to 868,527,063 Euros

Together, taking into account the previous figures, the contributions to the Public Treasury derived from this tender will amount to a total amount of 1,410,667,069.11 euros.

* Check the rest of the data in the attached image and in the PDF document on the right.

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