Initial eleven of Castilla against Coruxo

NEWS | 10/20/2019

They will play: Belman, Ayoub, Guillem, Javi Hernández, Blanco, Gila, Chust, Marvin, Pedro, Baeza and Jordi.

He Real Madrid Castilla He already has an initial eleven for the meeting of the 9th day of League, which will play against Coruxo at Campo Do Vao (6:00 pm; Realmadrid TV).

Initial eleven of Castilla

1. Belman;
8. Ayoub;
12. Guillem;
15. Javi Hernández;
16. White;
18. Gila;
19. Chust;
20. Marvin;
21. Pedro;
22. Baeza;
23. Jordi.

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