Initial eleven of Castilla against Marino de Luanco

NEWS | 01/19/2020

They will play: Belman, Fran García, De la Fuente, Martín, Fidalgo, Guillem, Blanco, Gila, Marvin, Pedro and Jordi.

The Real Madrid Castilla He already has an initial eleven for the match corresponding to the 21st round of League, which will play in front of Marino de Luanco at the Municipal Stadium of Miramar (5:00 pm; Realmadrid TV).

Initial eleven of Castilla

1. Belman;
3. Fran García;
5. From the Source;
6. Martin;
10. Fidalgo;
12. Guillem;
16. White;
18. Gila;
20. Marvin;
21. Pedro;
23. Jordi.

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