"Better safe than sorry," says the proverb. Following the path marked by popular wisdom, the insurance industry wishes to raise public awareness about the convenience of caring for oneself, protecting their people and their environment, and planning the future. For this, he has created the Prevent to live portal. This project is intended for all audiences and has been launched coinciding with the celebration of Financial Education Day 2019 organized by the Financial Education Plan, with which UNESPA collaborate

The development of Prevenir for living is part of the Somos Seguros program, the initiative to promote the social value of Spanish insurance launched in 2016. Preventing to live represents a new step in the dissemination of the insurance and prevention culture. In this case, its work line is to give simple tips that will help to avoid shocks and unwanted situations in people's life.

The portal We Are Safe (www.estamos-seguros.es) happens to have a specific section where 10 tips on nine different subjects are broken down. These are: health, family, retirement, home, road safety, travel, payments, legal issues and goodbye. In this way they arise proposals that encourage the use of common sense in everyday life like "Sleep … and disconnect", "Educate in economic responsibility", "Keep home facilities always ready", "Use the security systems of your vehicle", "Find out before investing", "Make a will" … All the decalogues have the same structure: nine specific advice on the subject in question and a tenth advice that is repeated in all cases: "Make sure."

We are sure that we want to transfer that incidents can be avoided by adopting some simple customs. But if in spite of everything everything fails and the problem emerges, the insurance will be there to help. Each advice that appears on the web is accompanied by a small text that explains what its purpose is or how it should be carried out, as well as an illustrative background image. In some cases, in addition, hypertext links are incorporated that link these prevention and forecast contents with other sections of the We Are Safe page. In parallel to the creation of Prevent to live web content, multimedia materials such as graphics, infographics and videos have been developed where prevention and forecast content are adapted to the formats of the main social networks.

We are sure you have, specific, presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube. Prevent to live materials enrich the offer of content produced within the framework of We Are Safe. Since September 2016 and until last June, more than 360 articles have been published in the weblog, 390 creatives, 35 infographics, 17 campaign videos, 78 micro videos, as well as 37 common questions and answers (FAQ). In its dissemination, the insurance companies associated with UNESPA, dozens of institutions linked to the insurance activity, as well as a multitude of people in particular.

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