AD'IP has been part of business associationism for years, actively participates in the development of standards that provide guarantee and professionalism, organizes the Installer Fair, FERIAD'IP, supports training, dignifying the trade and, from the essence of a non-profit Association, it aims to be a suitable actor of cohesion in the sector, collaborating with Professional Associations, Business Associations and Public Administrations, representing the professional profile of the installer who materializes the projects and the implementation of solutions with insulating and decorative materials.

The integration in CEOE offers AD'IP the opportunity to participate in different forums for debate and decision-making, actively and directly, contributing its experience in the creation of highly energy-efficient spaces, with fire safety, insulation and acoustic conditioning, thermal insulation, with waterproofing coatings and with decorative and environmentally friendly solutions.

In the words of its general secretary, Jesús Mª Sánchez, “the integration of AD'IP in CEOE is a great recognition of its willingness to contribute work and experience to the sector, as well as a great opportunity to continue growing and learning to be a effective tool, from the hand of this great and important organization ”.

Social circumstances as complicated as current ones, both at the health and economic levels, highlight with greater relevance the value of joint work, the importance of unity of action and the sum of experiences. Likewise, AD’IP intends to improve the services it offers to its affiliates with this incorporation into CEOE, improving their representation and expanding their communication and information space.

A new important step for AD’IP, from its new team of Board of Directors and General Secretariat, which continues to move towards consolidating the reinforcement of its internal structure and greater professionalism in its management.

About AD’IP

The AD’IP Association represents a wide group of small and medium-sized companies, together with a representation of the group of self-employed persons, from the territorial scope of all of Spain. He defends the professionalization of the sector and compliance with an ethical and professional code that improves the quality, safety and recognition of his work.

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