Intercepted a sailboat with 200 kilos of hashish off the coast of Almería

Two people of Spanish nationality have been arrested, the seizure of a sailboat of 12 meters in length and 200 kg of hashish

On September 3, as a result of investigations carried out by the Civil Guard and the National Police, a boat was detected in the Mediterranean that could be being used in drug trafficking.

When it was monitored by the Mediterranean Surveillance Control Center, suspicious movements of the vessel were observed off the coast of Almería, for which support was requested from the vessels of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance for their inspection and control.

Once transferred to the Port of Almería, the boat carried 200 kilos of hashish hidden inside a specially manufactured cabin.

The members of this operation have been able to arrest two people of Spanish nationality and proceed to the intervention of a sailboat of 12 meters in length.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the different organizations dedicated to the investigation of drug trafficking, it has made possible the detection of the boat and the arrest of its occupants.


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