Interior orders the gradual relaxation of the measures adopted in prisons against COVID19

The order, published this Wednesday in the Official State Gazette, aims to accommodate the prison environment to the process of gradual reduction of the agreed measures for the protection of health and containment of the virus.

"The measures, which affect all state penitentiaries, will be adopted gradually and gradually, always keeping public health protection as a reference," the resolution states.

With these premises, Interior provides for the resumption of the following activities:

a) The ordinary communications of the inmates.

b) The exits of permission and the programmed exits, according to the indications of the sanitary authority.

c) Inmates classified in the third degree or who have applied the flexibility regime and are assigned to social integration centers, open sections or ordinary centers, may continue to leave for the activities expressly related in article 7 of the Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID, adopting the established protocols when they return to the prison. In any case, in any displacement the recommendations and obligations dictated by the health authorities must be respected.

d) The transfers of the inmates when requested by the judicial authorities, the transfers for sanitary reasons and those that due to regimental or treatment circumstances are required, according to the sanitary indications that, in each case and moment, are adopted.

e) The educational, training, therapeutic, sports, cultural and religious activities inside the penitentiary centers, depending on their situation and the measures that may be adopted by the competent authorities in the matter.

The order also indicates that all these measures "may be reversed if the epidemiological situation so advises, globally or individually for one or more penitentiary centers."

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