Given the heterogeneity of existing applications in the different Autonomous Communities, this system will be especially useful for users with hearing impairments when traveling outside their community of residence.

'Alertcops' is a free service that allows the geolocation of the user for their immediate attention and guarantees a two-way communication thanks to which citizens can send all kinds of information, such as photos or videos, to the nearest call center.

The main menu of the application now incorporates the icon 'deaf people', from which you can access the necessary emergency services at any time: medical assistance, police assistance, firefighters or others. The service also has a system for disseminating notices to devices that are in an area affected by an emergency.

Ministry of InteriorThe 'Alertcops' system thus complements the access of people with hearing disabilities to emergency services that they usually perform through other applications managed by the Autonomous Communities, or the S-Visual system, supported by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Welfare Social.

In addition to people with hearing or phonic disabilities, this new Alertcops service can also be very useful for people who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and are better managed with pictographic language.

The latest version of the application (4.0.18) is available for Android and IOS, its download is free and you only need to register previously.

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