Left-handed writers and writers remain a rarity. Although it is always better to be few and well-off. Persecuted in the past by the Inquisition and corrected until recently in school age, the use of the left has been a stigma in many times. "The hand of the devil" with which Jimi Hendrix played, and with which he improvised from the diabolus in music: the interval prohibited during the Middle Ages by the Church. A completely normal use of the left pole of the body, although inevitably surrounded by a certain esotericism and occultism.

This August 13, International Lefty Day, it is time to claim any reading. But especially that of the books that have been written with the left. There are few, in fact, the authors who consider themselves left-handed. Less, the authors. Although there is a lower proportion of left-handed women in society, once the stigma of being a woman and left-handed woman should not help them to publish.

But if you walked through the Madrid Book Fair this year, you could see how María Dueñas signed her copies of The captain's daughters With his left hand. Anyway, we present some of the left-handed classics of literature:

The first of our list is Franz Kafka, one of the most influential authors of the 20th century universal literature. Born in Prague, and from a Jewish family; He was a writer related to existentialism and the philosophy of the absurd.

He confronted the individual with society, confronting him to alienation, the search for his own identity and frustration. Situations that in certain cases touch the pathos although they intimidate their characters in anguish. Some of his most recognized books are Metamorphosis, The process or The castle.

Secondly we have Lewis Carroll. Actually pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Anglican priest of the Victorian era, who based his studies on logic and mathematics. Later in the picture. Besides, he wrote short stories in English national print publications. Even so, he stood out for his work Alice in Wonderland, a children's classic for all audiences.

Third, he also presented in society under a pseudonym Mark Twain. Samuel Langhorne Clemens was his real name. He had a humorous facet that led him to rub shoulders with the elite of the time. Presidents, artists or big businessmen recognized him and invited them to their banquets.

American, it included the journalistic work, the novel, the travel chronicle and the youth novel. His best known works are The Adventures of Huckleberry finn Y Tom Sawyer's adventures.

Fourth, the author of children's stories Hans Christian Andersen. The Danish writer of humble origin who fled his home when he was young and traveled for more than ten years throughout Europe. Consequently it was very prolific in travel literature. Even so, it stood out for his children's stories. More than 200 stories among which stand out The lead soldier or The ugly Duckling.

Finally, the forerunner of German romanticism Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He studied law, although his high intellectual abilities led him to start studies in many different fields: from painting to medicine. Even going through geology. He also made a political career. Even so, you will always be remembered for writing Splendor.

These are some of the most recognized classic left-handed writers. We could not stop naming them on a day of vindication so that things are not only done right.

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