The philosopher and writer Bertrand Russell He said: "The educators, more than any other class of professionals, are the guardians of civilization." This 27 November, International Teacher's Day, We join this maxim and celebrate, one more year, that key role that teachers and teachers have in everyone's education. Thank you, thank you for this learning that never ends and for instilling in us the passion for reading every day.

Here they go The 5 essential books for teachers, professors and educators:


World Teachers' Day: FunesFirst, Love me when I least deserve it … because that's when I need it most, from Jaume Funes. This book is a guide for parents and teachers of teenagers. It tells us about the main educational uncertainties that we usually have both parents and teachers regarding overprotection, the role of school, emotional balance and understanding of society. Try to summarize criteria and reflect to help us live actively and positively with our teenagers. A book that, without wanting to teach, inspires us and allows us to hear its true voice.


World Teachers' Day: PerhapsSecond we meet María Acaso and his rEDUvolution. By mixing the terms revolution and education point to the need to execute a real transformation in the educational spaces through five key axes: Accept that what we teach is not what students learn, change the dynamics of power, inhabit the classroom, move from simulation to experience, and leave to evaluate to move on to research. Written with direct language and nothing academic, in rEDUvolution You will find a text where visual language provides both knowledge and written language.


Third, an education classic: José Antonio Marina. World Teachers' Day: MarinaIn this book, The pedagogical forest, It helps us to orient ourselves in this thick forest to find the best path. It is a review of what is happening and what is to come that also includes a dictionary of the new pedagogy, a tool that will be essential for parents and teachers.


World Teachers' Day: LuriWhen criticizing school and teachers seems like a national sport, Gregorio Luri He has the courage to write this lucid self-criticism, calm down and encourage action. Is about The school against the world, A manifesto to hope. And it is that optimism is not only possible, but that it is the first moral duty of the educator.


World Teachers' Day: RussellFinally, the essay About education, from Bertrand Russell In him, the philosopher starts from the idea that the education we want for our children depends on our ideals about the human being. He attacks the educational system of the time, in the hands of the Church or the State, which he accuses of creating herds forming in conformity, authoritarianism and nationalism. Russell seeks to educate free and sensitive personalities, cultivated in curiosity, confidence in effort and a sense of adventure.

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