We continue to know the authors of the magazine a little more. On this occasion, we knock on the door of Luis Montes, creator of Gryphoon (cover of PM1). KNOCK KNOCK…

How did you get into the world of illustration / comic?
I've been drawing since before I can remember. I've always had a pencil in my hands! But on a professional level, as a comic book artist, Gryphoon It is my first job! As an illustrator and concept artist I have been working since the age of 25, doing work that was coming to me and then in the world of video games and animation.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was
Present Gryphoon in a review of the editorial's portfolios at the JOSO School in Barcelona, ​​and there I called the attention of the editors. They took me aside and told me, almost like a secret, that they were preparing a project where Gryphoon It could fit. I felt like they were talking to me about the “Avengers initiative” haha

How did the plot of Gryphoon?
Well, the truth is that he played role playing with my friends. I had always wanted to create my own universe and from the institute I was filling book after book with sketches (they are already like 10 of these complete books). At some point, I thought that years of ideas and sketches could be connected in a story. And I decided to adapt a role-playing game, create the plot and play it! From there the thing fell out. Yes, there are about 20 people who know the end of the story! (Or that's what they believe).

What do you do first: the creation of characters or the script? How is your usual work circuit?
As I have already said, everything was very organic and thousands of ideas were emerging. While we were playing my friends gave the characters their touch and made them unique. I gave them an image and context. Once with everything, I was writing the final plot. About my working method, I am quite traditional. I usually start by making the story board of the chapter (I have the plots already written). Then I make the pages in traditional, pencil and ink (my house is beginning to be filled with filing cabinets with originals) and finally, I add the onomatopoeia, kinetics and texts in Photoshop.

How do you rate the reception the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?
For me it is a dream! The amount of people who write to me saying that Gryphoon They are liking it and they want to know much more is amazing! Like almost all cartoonists, we doubt what we are doing as authors and the support that readers are giving us is the best reward to continue. And something that would stand out … The variety of stories! There are plots for all tastes and all genres and, therefore, there will always be something that will hook you, but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to open up to genres and plots that you would not otherwise consume.

Your favorite Manga Planet series is
Difficult question. Each one has something to highlight! The drawing style of Withering Lionel Y Uroboros I love it and I have a lot of fun with Alter ego Y Good game. But I'm going to get wet! ¡¡¡¡The witch from Santi Casas, THE DRAWING OF SANTI IS A PAST !! And only with a short story has he created a world that has hooked me!

Next projects.
I have Gryphoon for a while! And I am preparing enough things related to this series, everything will depend on the support and affection that readers give you.

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