We spoke with Eva Collado Durán, author of the book The world changes, and you? and adviser and lecturer dedicated to helping organizations in the process of change based on the innovation and digitalization of their teams.

It does not escape anyone that the working world has changed. The so-called digital revolution has marked a before and after in our society, the economy, our lives and, of course, the way we work. Artificial intelligence, mobile internet and a long etcetera have thrown us into an environment of constant change marked by flexibility, work mobility, creativity and constant learning.

In his book, Eva Collado Durán He tells us how all this has created an uncertain and complex environment to which we have to adapt so as not to be left behind.

– There is a lot of talk about the digital transformation that our society is going through – including employment – but what has really changed since our parents' generation?

Everything has changed everything … We are in an unprecedented era of change of which we are witnesses of exception, the arrival of Internet and new technologies lead us to a new way of being and doing, in just 230 years we have gone from the first industrial revolution to the fourth.

The way of relating (from the real offline world to the online virtual world) has changed, that of seeing the world (in an almost local to global way), the way of learning (from the traditional school to social learning), the way of working (from the presence in the workplace to be able to work from your own home), the way to sell (from the grocery store of all life to buy online), etc.

The world has changed, we are one click away from any person in the world and in our hands is adopting this new environment managing the change, not as a problem but as the opportunity to make things different and better.

– What margin of maneuver do the workers have in this scenario of constant change?

We are in a volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous environment and this is the reality with which we have to live together on a daily basis: new situations, new problems and new solutions are opened every minute.

The room for maneuver is infinite if we know how to take advantage of this whole new world. We never had easier to relate to other people and projects, or to learn; But that entails a lot of work, curiosity, desire and a high commitment to our own employability for the future.

Whoever thinks that the titles he won in the past will open the doors of the future is wrong … Today the game has changed and only the desire to learn and acquire digital competence to develop in our jobs are the key.

– In your book you tell us about the personal brand, what is it and how is it worked?

The development of the personal brand is one of the best professional assets we can have today. So I define it in The world changes, and you?:

Personal brand: It is all that we are, we do, we say, we think and we share; as well as the value that we are able to generate in others.

It is the sum of our values ​​and how we are valued by the environment.

It is the impact of the footprint that we leave on the path of our personal and professional life.

They are all those actions that precede us (they speak for us without being present) and open doors to third parties because they want to keep us close and count on us in their life, environment and projects.

It is a strategy and a path to travel that assures us of the present and leads us to the future in which we wish to be.

In short, you are your brand and your essence, you and your know-how, you and your experience, you and your world of relationships, you and your ability to work it in time to make it grow and to become the chosen option.

– What would you say to those people who are not familiar with the digital world? Are they going to stay out of the labor market?

That it's never too late to start; It is never too late to embrace this new world. Only from constant learning can we achieve it, developing the desire to continue learning daily. There are no excuses knowledge was never as accessible to everyone as it is today.

Digital competence can be acquired, and as professionals of the 21st century we must empower ourselves in this way, without waiting for us to form the company, but taking the reins of this learning from the desire, curiosity and focusing on what we really need for the development of our profession.

– Who is this book for?

My goal is to make known what is the new professional environment and the new demands that are presented today to keep us employable in the market; either within the companies where you develop your activity, if you decide to undertake, if you face a first job or decide to opt for any other form of professional collaboration.

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