The Plates of Honor of the Order recognize various entities related to Vocational Training for their work in the improvement and innovation of this teaching.

The acting Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has delivered the decorations of the Alfonso X el Sabio Civil Order to the headquarters of the Ministry to a total of 32 personalities and entities that have excelled in their work in the fields of education , teaching and research. The Secretary of State for Education and acting FP, Alejandro Tiana, and the Undersecretary of Education and VT, Fernando Gurrea, accompanied the minister at the ceremony.

"The awarding of these awards is the best way we can think of to thank for important contributions such as yours to education," said the minister. "Education is the oil of our societies, it is development of the human being, it is a tool of equality and it is a door to the economy", added the spokeswoman of the Government during the ceremony.

In particular, the Cross of the Order has been awarded to Clara Mª Bernabé Ávila, Francisco Catalán Bohórquez, Antonio García Plaza, María Adela Jiménez Notary, María Piedad Vara Andrés, Arthur Soucemarianadin, Fátima Bello Rodríguez, Jesús Ricardo Martín Fernández, Pedro Saénz Almeida , Cipriano Fontanilla Alejo, Emilio del Río Sanz and Santiago Recio Muñiz.

Likewise, Josefina Cambra and Giné, Roberto Fernández Díaz, Ricardo Chueca Rodríguez, Ismael Jiménez Compaired, Mª Pilar de la Vega Cebrián, Carlos Sierra Sosa, Óscar Darío Amaya Navas and Miguel Mathus Escorihuela have received the Commendation with plaque.

The minister has also delivered the Plaques of Honor of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise to the Federació de Moviments de Renovació Pedagógica de Catalunya (FMPRC), for promoting pedagogical renovation and a quality public school, to the Integrated Vocational Training Center of the industrial and service sectors La Laboral de Gijón, for its link with the renewal of Vocational Training, and to the Association of Training Centers FP Professional, for promoting this teaching through the exchange of experiences and good practices.

The two main entities of Vocational Training in the Basque Country have also been awarded with the same recognition: IKASLAN Training Center Foundation and the HETEL Association. Both focus their efforts on improving VET through innovative projects in order to improve opportunities for youth work and meet the needs of companies.

For its part, the Spanish Federation of Mathematics Teachers' Societies (FESPM) and the State Confederation of Pedagogical Renewal Movements have received the Order's tie for their contribution to the improvement of the teaching of mathematics and the promotion of the pedagogical renewal of the School, respectively.

The Civil Order Alfonso X the Wise was established in 1939 and its precedent was the Civil Order of Alfonso XII. Its purpose is to reward individuals and legal entities for the "merits acquired in the fields of education, science, culture, teaching and research or that have rendered outstanding services in any of them in Spain or in the international field" . The Grand Master of the Order is the King and the Grand Chancellor, the Minister or Minister of Education.

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