The acting Minister of Education and Professional Training, Isabel Celaá, has opened in Granada 'Talking about Twitter', the largest congress on Twitter worldwide. Celaá has highlighted the transforming role of this tool and its influence on politics, journalism and also education.

"From an educational perspective, I consider Twitter a necessary ally to structure a community of educational debate that encourages cooperation among professors and the exchange of experiences and resources," said Celaá during his speech. "The power of linking that this platform has allowed to break the black box of the school that isolated each teacher in their classroom," he added.

The conference 'Talking about Twitter', which this year celebrates its seventh edition, brings together a cast of top-level speakers who will speak from different prisms about this social network that today has 330 million users in the world.

"We often value the usefulness of social networks to broadcast our messages, to tell the world what we do and what we think, and we usually forget that networks are an extremely valuable tool for the other side of communication: listen ", highlighted the head of Education in functions.

During his speech, Celaá has analyzed the influence that Twitter is having on political, social, educational and personal life, and how governments and public officials can and should use this tool to bring their work closer to citizens.

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