La secretaria de Estudios y Programas del PP de Melilla, Isabel Moreno

On behalf of the Popular Party we transfer our condolences to the president of the Autonomous City for the tragic loss of a family member, we extend it to all his family and relatives and we add to his pain.

The secretary of Studies and Programs of the PP of Melilla, and local deputy, expresses her concern and that of her training, “for all the situation we are experiencing in recent days, and for the drift that the tripartite government is taking us in clear detriment of the citizenship, to ignore who is the voice of this Government, what is their feeling, find conflict after conflict, crisis after crisis, with absolutely opposite positions and postulates ”.

Isabel Moreno, affirms that “the Cainite wars of a broken government, without program or visions of having it, nor budgets and with an anti-system party like Coalition for Melilla that is delaying them all, is causing the city every day to be dirtier, or that youth is absolutely abandoned. ” "The Castro Government will make history by presenting budgets later than ever," he adds.

He asserts that "Coalition for Melilla is a party that attacks our rule of law and our fundamental freedoms frontally." "How is there going to be a government program, if you are not able to agree on an essential issue such as sharing the concept of freedom that is what should unite a government?"

According to the popular leader, "the Popular Party is concerned about the conflicting positions of the Castro Government, such as the one that the PSOE and CpM have maintained following the talk given by the writer Zoubida Boughaba."

In addition to regretting the statement of the cepemistas, criticizing an activity organized by her own Government, Isabel Moreno has made it clear that “in that act framed within the cultural program on the occasion of the new year Amazigh and to which deputies and members of the Party have attended Popular, it has been found that the PSOE and CpM do not share the most elementary and that Melilla has an absent president. ”

“We want to know and we want to ask Mrs. Gloria Rojas, how she can protect this frontal attack on our Rule of Law, our Democracy and our freedoms. How long, Mrs. Rojas, where do you have your red lines?


“The management that is being carried out by the Government of the Autonomous City in Youth is ignominious and absolutely shameful,” said Isabel Moreno, who accuses the tripartite of “not launching its actions or those left prepared by the Government of Juan José Imbroda in this matter ”.

Remember that “today the Youth Information Office will stop working, an office where three excellent professionals have worked for many years.” “With the closure of this office, Melilla will become the only city in Spain that does not lend that comprehensive information and advice service, a service that has been provided with both the PSOE and the PP ”.

"The Young Space of the Fair was a failure and the Entrepreneurship Fair has not even been done," criticizes in addition to criticizing this sense to the tripartite Government, that "continue without informing about other pending actions of which nothing is known, such as the Game-Zone. "

"Coalition for Melilla has deliberately deprived the city of an investment in Youth of 100,000, has left the area empty of content and eliminated any political referent."

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