Iván Espinosa said in La Sexta that it is difficult to speak of red lines when the negotiation phases have not gone beyond timid contacts that, in addition, have not been seconded by the totality of the parties. He said that for now he has received contact from different parties among which surprisingly is a letter from the PSOE, but there has been no contact by the formation of Albert Rivera.

In addition, our spokesman in the Congress, affirmed as a gesture of democratic will the fact of arranging meetings to carry out the negotiations, negotiations that seem to lack interest for Citizens, the formation to which dialogue has been raised on numerous occasions and, after more than a week, he has responded with absolute silence.

As for the well-known label of "ultra", Espinosa affirmed as a curious phenomenon the fact that it is never labeled as "ultra parties" to formations such as Bildu, ERC or PDCAT, some games that, in sum, have not been able to overcome the votes of VOX in Spain.

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