The 24h channel has hosted a new interview with the VOX spokesperson in Congress, Iván Espinosa, where the issue of pacts, future agreements and the channel of negotiations have been discussed.

Asked about the meeting with Almeida, he affirmed that he is a nice person, with a correct treatment and with whom it is easy to talk but who has not yet reached an agreement, in view of which he maintains an optimistic and realistic attitude: optimistic because he believes that You can reach an agreement and realistic because you also know that there is a possibility that such an agreement never takes place.

With regard to the purpose of the agreements has apostille that the only thing that is wanted from our training is to respect what was agreed in the pacts, as one of the objectives of VOX was to expel the left of the municipalities, but also lead to the fulfillment of the rest of the points of the pacts, points that, as he said, are very clear. Therefore, before continuing to talk and seeking future agreements, it is necessary to clarify compliance with the agreement to continue with the rest of the negotiations.

Asked about facades, banners and violence against women, Iván has stated that there is no better prevention for this type of crime (rape, pedophilia or murder) than life imprisonment, since you can not prevent a first crime but you can make sure that you do not again be committed by the same individual.

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