Iván Espinosa, spokesman for VOX in the Congress, has been this morning in Espejo Público, where he has shown his predisposition to dialogue and has said that he does not understand the attitude of Rivera's training against VOX, since Ciudadanos has not shown problems to the time to sit down to negotiate with Podemos or at the moment of greeting with two kisses to the deputies imprisoned as Inés Arrimadas did. However, they are still reluctant to any contact or meeting with us, something that Ivan Espinosa has described as incomprehensible.

Asked about the possibility of Carmena being mayor again, she commented that it is something that neither we nor anyone else would understand, especially when we have been offering a dialogue and negotiation for a week that has not yet been sitting down to talk with us. "We have already lost a week, time is running" he added.

Regarding meetings with Macron, he affirmed that there is a Europe that advocates sovereignty and decision-making power on the part of nations and a federal European project, in which each country would be reduced to a province of Brussels and the States would lose their authority when making important decisions.

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