Neither mobility restrictions prevented militants and sympathizers from VOX, as well as private citizens met in the Plaza de Santa María, in Jaén, to say enough is enough for the Government in its attack on the Nation and stand on the side of constitutional legality.

About 200 people, most of them carrying flags, gathered for an event that was presented by the provincial manager, Eugenio Ismael Rodríguez. The central moment of the act was the reading of the manifesto, which was carried out in unison in the 50 Spanish provincial capitals; the person in charge of carrying it out was the national deputy Francisco Jose Alcaraz. "We will never allow them to implant their new totalitarian regime," he exclaimed at one of the highest points of it.

Subsequently, a reading of articles from the Spanish constitution, the most threatened by this Government, those who speak of national unity, language, judicial independence, relations with the Holy See or freedom of opinion and thought, among them. Institutional and organic officials reported them before the flags were waved to the sound of the national anthem, which closed the event.

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