• “Sanchez has designed these elections as a plebiscite to his person and the only alternative is Pablo Casado” •
  • He affirms that "we are the only party that talks about real problems of the Spaniards"
  • He warns that the EPA shows that data employment is being lost and that, and this data reminds of the "fateful" year 2008, when Zapatero and his government denied the crisis and plunged us into a dramatic situation in the more than 3 million Spaniards lost Your job
  • We have a “Plan for Spain” endorsed by the PP service sheet, “the only party that has created 7 million jobs”
  • Stresses that the general decrease in taxes proposed by the PP will have a positive impact of 16 billion euros in the Spanish economy because "they will be in the pocket of citizens"
  • “Spain needs to be reactivated and that can only come from the hand of a PP government”
  • It affirms that the PP is the only party that includes measures to fight against depopulation in rural areas, such as promoting a birth plan, and lowering the taxes of the sale, exchange of land or transfer of livestock or agricultural holdings to fix population.
  • Bet on the digitalization of the villages and criticizes that the PSOE has abandoned the high-speed Internet project in rural areas that the PP government approved
  • He criticizes that yesterday the minister Montero hid to the entrepreneurs of the Family Business the tax increase that Pedro Sánchez wants to approve

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