El vicesecretario de Participación, Jaime de Olano, en Foz (Lugo)

He regrets that "this government is blatantly lying." In July, the Ministry of Health affirmed that "there was enough stock of the retroviral to face the pandemic and now they say that it could be exhausted in hours"

  • He considers that Sánchez should demand that Iglesias and Podemos give the necessary explanations before the information about his accounting. "It is not acceptable that half of the Government of Spain is charged and that none of its representatives show their faces," he asserts
  • Therefore, he explains that the Popular Group has presented a request for an Investigation Commission on the Podemos accounts in the Congress of Deputies
  • It affirms that the Government of Sánchez "has spent the whole summer on vacation" while every day the infections, hospitalizations and legal problems increase with the decisions taken by the CCAA
  • Remember that the PP "three months ago proposed an economic and health shock plan and a legal plan" to provide the CCAA with legal regulations to be able to adopt the necessary measures against possible outbreaks and the PSOE has rejected it "with disdain"
  • He assures that “no government had it so easy with a loyal opposition and that it facilitated the approval of the necessary measures to face the pandemic
  • He points out that "the tourist season has died in Spain" with the decision of multiple countries to quarantine citizens who come from Spain while the Foreign Minister "instead of doing the necessary diplomacy" is in A Mariña for "binge eating "
  • He denounces "the abandonment" of the Government of Sánchez to Lugo and the whole of Galicia in terms of infrastructure and rail services. "The Government of Sánchez has taken advantage of the pandemic to suppress fundamental services and they answer that they have no foresight to restore them," he adds
  • He criticizes "the absolute abandonment of functions" of the Ministry of Transport and the complicit silence of the PSOE in Galicia, that "when he has to choose between the Galicians and Sánchez, they always side with Sánchez and abandon their neighbors"

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