James: "This starts now and there is a lot of Champions missing"

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NEWS | 09/18/2019

"There is no excuse, we have not played well but there is time to improve things," Casemiro added.

James Rodriguez He started in the first meeting of Real Madrid in the Champions 2019/20. The Colombian said after the game: “Today was a bad day but you have to learn from all this. I think that, as everyone happens at work, you have good days and bad days. The result is bad, but you don't have to do a drama either. This starts now and many Champions are missing. In 4 days we have a hard game in League and you have to think about everything that comes. ”

“I am happy to play and I also hope it is a good season. Play in the Madrid It is a responsibility and an illusion too. I feel the affection of people when I go out there and that fills me with happiness and much pride. To Real Madrid I want to tell you to be calm and I hope this doesn't happen anymore. ”


“It is true that they have won us in intensity today, but that always happens when you have a bad day. The PSG played an excellent game. You have to recognize that, they are excellent players and have had a round game today. At Real Madrid you lose or win you have to think about the next game and in 4 days we have a game and you have to do it in the best way ”.

Relationship with Zidane

“I have no problem with the coach. We have always had a good relationship and I think now even more. ”

Casemiro: "There is much left and there is time to improve"

"We have not played well. They have had control of the game. We know that it is difficult to play here because they are very strong. But there is no excuse, we have not played well and there is time to improve many things. We must continue working because we still have many games ahead. ”

Courtois: "They surpassed us at the beginning and it was difficult for us to create occasions."

“We have had opportunities. We have scored two goals that were not worth it, but I think there are no excuses now. We have not played well and it is a delicate moment to speak. We are working and we are in time to change all that. ”


“We always try to do our best, we try to be aggressive, but when the result is 3-0 things get more noticeable. We know that here if you don't make an almost perfect match you don't win. They played better than us and now to continue working because there is still a lot of time to improve. ”

Courtois: "We didn't have the same intensity as them"

“You have to analyze the game calmly and see what needs to be done to improve as a team so that this does not happen again. In the first part they entered more aggressively and we got a little complicated and we suffered. You play against a great team and you have to start strong from the beginning, but we did not have the same intensity as them, they beat us at the beginning and it was difficult for us to create occasions ”.


“The coach made it clear that you don't have to think about the casualties because it is a team that has quality and knows how to play football well. You have to be prepared for each player you face. ”


"We defend with 11 players and attack with 11. Everyone has to do their part to defend and defend with 11. As a goalkeeper I will always be frustrated when they score a goal, but you have to see it, analyze it and improve it as a team "

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