In January, two assemblies from Barcelona disembark at the Teatro Valle-Inclán that offer a good sample of the contemporary Catalan scene.

A Pere Arquillué volcanic and in a state of grace, as criticism is rating it, stars Jerusalem, by Jez Butterworth, under the direction of Julio Manrique. It is "a Dionysian work, the celebration of chaos, disorder and freedom; a modern Shakespearian comedy of epic dimensions », co-produced by the National Dramatic Center, Theater Romea and Grec 2019 Barcelona Festival.

A transgressive montage that fascinated the British public at its premiere in 2009 and the Catalan at its premiere at the Grec Festival 2019 in Barcelona, ​​which arrives at the Valle-Inclán Theater from January 22 to March 1.

Also premiered at the Grec in 2018, the second proposal that arrives in January is titled Like a bitch in a field, by Claudia Cedó, a story of overcoming a couple that has to face an experience of perinatal death.

Cedó was a resident author of the Beckett Room for the 2017/18 season and with this autobiographical text she won the Best Text award at the 2018 Critics Awards. The assembly, directed by Sergi Belbel, was also awarded in the Best Show categories and Best Leading Actress, shared prize between María Rodríguez and Vicky Luengo. In 2019, it has also won three Armchair Awards: Best Text, Best Small Format Show and Best Director (Sergi Belbel); and was the great winner of the 2019 TeatreBarcelona Awards, sweeping into five categories: Best show, Best text, Best direction, Best supporting actress for Anna Barrachina and Best actresses for Vicky Luengo and María Rodríguez.

This piece will be exhibited in the Francisco Nieva del Valle-Inclán Hall from January 31 to February 16.

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