El vicesecretario de Organización, Javier Maroto.

Maroto defends that the coalition government model of the PP "is predictable" and that its first interlocutor will be Citizens. Add that in those places where it is necessary to expand the majority, the PP will be willing to seek agreements as long as their model of government is respected.

He thinks that the pacts have to be "coherent and understandable for the people who voted for us" and they need to be "humble and generous". "An agreement must be able to be explained with clarity and transparency and in it, everyone has to feel like a winner". He insists that in the Community of Madrid and the City Council the first force of the center-right bloc is the Popular Party and that "gives us all the legitimacy". Díaz Ayuso and Martínez-Almeida are therefore "the reasonable option".

It puts in value the harmony between the territorial leaders and the national leadership and emphasizes that the ideological contract of the National Convention is with which the PP is negotiating the investiture pacts.

Finally, Maroto applauds the investiture pact for the change of government in the Junta de Andalucía and affirms that "the key is not with whom you agree, but what and for what you agree".

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