El vicesecretario de Organización del Partido Popular, Javier Maroto

Javier Maroto emphasizes that the pacts that the PP will do will be understood the first, without a doubt and will be responsible in the negotiations, "we want coalition governments with Citizens, with center-right programs that result in PP policies ", He emphasizes. The PP has as a priority partner Citizens for the formation of governments, as already demonstrated in Andalusia.

Remember that the PP had a position of responsibility in Andalusia and that allowed a different government from the PSOE.

"If we had done as Citizens and Vox, not sit down with different parties, today in Andalusia we would continue with four more years of PSOE", points out that there will be occasions where other votes may be necessary and that, in these cases, other supports will be sought "without that moderate center-right program varies. "

"It is not so much about who is agreed with, but about what," he emphasizes.

It considers that the democratic thing is "to sit down with parties that think differently to see what possibilities there are to draw a political change". Affirms that the decisions on the spokespersons in Congress and Senate will be taken after the investiture agreements in town halls and Autonomous Communities, which is what the PP is focused on right now.

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