Ensures that, by way of the facts, the PSOE prefers the parties of the motion of censure

The Deputy Secretary of Organization ensures that, by way of the facts, the PSOE prefers the parties of the motion of censure and accuses him of having as preferred members to Podemos and the independence, as shown in Badalona or Navarra, and stresses that Sánchez left the Socialist Group not to abstain and, when Rajoy asked for the collaboration of the PSOE and Ciudadanos, it was the only possible way, he did not agree from behind. Affirms that the PP wants to form a government "as soon as possible," because new elections "paralyze the country."

Demands Rosa María Mateo to put herself in the shoes of most Spaniards when they see that Otegi does not go to TVE to ask for forgiveness, but to say that maybe they killed too much. He believes that this interview has generated blisters in most of the citizens and what he has achieved is that we have been talking three days of Otegi, an affront to the victims of terrorism.

Affirms that who in Spain does not understand that people's sexual orientation is a feature of their personality has a problem and that the PP has decided to be part of the society that understands it, because the defense of people is a principle of liberal scope of the PP, and advocates that the PP does not want to disguise violence against women in the family environment, because if someone in Spain does not understand that there are women who suffer violence because they are, they have a problem .

Maroto assures that the Basque PP has not been a marginal force, governing important town councils and the Diputación de Álava, in such a way that the Basque PP is the heart of the PP of Spain, with an indivisible and shared message unit.

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