He stresses that "if Vox really wants to have history, he can not go down in history by supporting Podemos"

 Urge Vox to decide whether to allow a center-right government – the closest thing to what its voters have voted – or one of the PSOE with Podemos, and remember that the latter option does not represent what only one of its voters wants

 Regrets that the PP has to mediate between parties that do not talk to each other and that delay, hinder or block the formation of governments. "If everyone behaved like the PP, we would be avoiding debates such as Murcia or Madrid," he emphasizes.

 Stresses that "if Vox really wants to have a story, he can not go down in history supporting Podemos" and asks if he will allow the left to rule just because there is no photograph of the three right-of-center parties

 Verify that Vox has become "the best ally of Pedro Sánchez" and ironically with that he is also called "preferred partner"

 Ensures that the CIS of Tezanos does not believe it, nobody, not even the PSOE, is unreal and discredits the institute that makes the analyzes

 Affirms that Pedro Sánchez is choosing Podemos "by way of deeds", offering him a government of collaboration and giving him positions, and the independence parties agreeing with them the formation of the Government in cities such as Badalona

 Considers that Sánchez's obligation is to form a government "as soon as possible" because an electoral repetition would be very harmful to the interests of Spain

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