The deputy secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto, points out that the Popular Party is a State party and that "when the president of a functioning government calls us," it is a public or private meeting, our obligation is to go, "and try to look meeting points and collaboration spaces. Regrets that the request that moved Casado yesterday Sanchez to avoid tax increases "fell on deaf ears" and recalls that the economic program of the PP advocates "a tax reduction and that everyone pay less." "He believes that the more you squeeze everyone, the more you raise. However, raise taxes to everyone is not what the family and individual needs, "he adds.

Maroto maintains that Sanchez "does not want the support of the PP or Citizens," wants "by the way of the facts" a left government with the extreme left and the independence. "The facts are conclusive and the evident proofs of what his true intentions are: he only makes gestures of collaboration and connivance with the party of Pablo Iglesias and with the Catalan and Basque independentists," he says, and states that Pedro Sánchez talks to Podemos about a government of cooperation "in which they want to share positions of Government", that the PSOE has united its votes in Badalona with the independentistas "to displace the PP", and that, "by active or by passive, is negotiating publicly or privately with the nationalists, including Bildu "in Navarra.

Remember "unprecedented historical fact" that occurred when, for reasons of State, the PP had to support governments of the PSOE, referring to the support of his training to Patxi Lopez. "We are not only making speeches but we have facts in our history that show it," he says.

Ensures that "common sense" will facilitate in the Community of Madrid a government led by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, in coalition with citizens and that has enough support to be carried out. "This is what will end up happening, beyond this chair dance that I hope only ends in an anecdote," he concludes.

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