Holders of his intervention:

  • It highlights the more than 1,300 incitivas that the senators of the PP have presented this Legislature
  • On the photo of Otegi and Torra together: "This crisis in Catalonia cannot be fixed by Pedro Sánchez", what Catalonia needs is "a strong PP"
  • "The only party that can say without any complex, and with all the guarantees and evidence in hand, which as of November 10 can face the economic crisis and that of Catalonia, is the PP"
  • He asks “to unify the vote around the PP” because “if we divide the vote again, Sanchez stays”, and gives as an example the 5,900,000 votes that Vox received for the Senate and that resulted in zero senators
  • Remember that when there is a crisis and there is the PSOE in the Government, "first deny it and second aggravate it", so it ensures that given the signs of the new economic crisis, it is better that "Pablo Casado is in La Moncloa"
  • He urges Carmen Calvo to review his concept of feminism because the latest EPA shows that "with the PSOE, it is more difficult than ever for women to find a job." On the contrary, "with the PP there were more women than ever with an indefinite contract"

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