Azuqueca, February 18, 2020.- The VOX municipal group in Azuqueca de Henares wanted to show their concern regarding the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the mayors of Azuqueca and Meco for which, as announced by the first mayor of both municipalities in the presentation, will be undertaken in the coming years of a logistics project shared between both municipalities of the Corredor del Henares.
In this regard, Ortega has expressed his dissatisfaction, considering that “we are facing a Project that, as both mayors informed us in the only meeting to which we have been called, still lacks sufficient data that allow us to assess the economic and territorial impact which will mean for the residents of Azuqueca and Meco ”, discarding with it“ endorse actions that start from improvisation and that lack, as is the case, due rigor and previous study ”.
The spokesman of VOX in the municipal hall of Azure has wanted to warn both government teams in their assessment, noting that “the councilors of my group have come to serve the residents of Azuqueca, not to consent to serve our people or compromise , with it, the interests of a municipality that, as a consequence of its management, has one of the highest rates of unemployment and citizen insecurity of the Corredor del Henares as a whole ”.
Ortega, like the rest of the councilors of the opposition in the full Azorean, has declined to participate in the institutional photo because, in the words of Ortega, we consider that “we will not accept in any case that Blanco makes us participate in a Project of which no previous information has been provided to us in the supposed year and a half that has been in negotiation and has not sought to agree or seek our opinion ”.

VOX Guadalajara communication:

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