Javier Puente en el Senado

The GPP senator for Cantabria affirms that "young Spaniards are the group most affected by the pandemic"

"I don't know what hurts me more, if the fact that the majority of young people can't find a job or the fact that nobody is bothered by it"

Remember the data from Cantabria, which with 57.6% youth unemployment, "far exceeds" the national average of 41% 28, September, 2020. The senator of the Popular Group for Cantabria, Javier Puente, has stated that "there are too many closed mouths in the face of the seriousness of youth unemployment ”and has ensured that“ young Spaniards are the most affected group, in terms of employment, by the pandemic produced by COVID19 ”.

This is how the PP senator has pronounced during the defense of a motion of his political formation, in the Youth Commission, in which the Government is urged to develop urgent plans for the reactivation of youth employment, the economic cost of which will be conditioned by availability budget, as well as to seek support formulas to improve the socioeconomic situation of those under 30 years of age. Javier Puente has pointed out that "young people, who had previously suffered a higher unemployment rate than workers in other age groups, are now also getting worse off."

Faced with this situation, “that there is no crash plan against this scourge is a scandal. That they have managed to anesthetize, with generous subsidies, the entities that should report it is another scandal ”. “I don't know what hurts me more, if the fact that most young people can't find a job or the fact that no one is bothered by it. We are talking about an index of 41% at the national level, compared to 16.2% in the OECD and 17% in the European Union ”, he denounced.

As he explained in his speech, "the need to keep thousands of businesses closed throughout the country due to the state of alarm in the face of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, has caused an important situation of vulnerability for the youth community." YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN CANTABRIA On the other hand, Puente has referred to data from Cantabria, which with 57.6% youth unemployment, “far exceeds” the national average of 41%. "There are so many years of the Revilla Government, that its occurrences of social gatherings, the colored beacons and its folksy populism seem to have anesthetized an entire society," he pointed out.

In his opinion, “there comes a time when it seems normal that there are no opportunities for young people, that there is no facility to create a company and that when our young people finish university, their only option is to overcome the port of the Shield or buy a ticket in Parayas ”.

“The biography of our children seems written in advance. They study, grow up and go outside of Cantabria or stay at home, living off botched jobs and temporary jobs. There are no more options and it seems as if fate is inevitable, because there is neither a project nor work on it ”, the popular senator added. Finally, Javier Puente has insisted on asking the Government of Spain for urgent plans to reactivate youth employment. “From the PP we reach out with proposals; support for young people who innovate, who want to launch their ideas; support for entrepreneurs; support for self-employed young people; support in the generational change ”.

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