Jesús Vázquez durante su intervención.

The senator of the PP affirms that it is necessary to carry out census tests to students of all stages

The spokesperson for Universities of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Jesús Vázquez, today defended a motion of his Group, in which he urges the Government to adopt measures to control the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on learning and performance of students, both those who have had distance education and those who have not been able to access it.

Vázquez, who has defended the initiative of the PP in the Education and Vocational Training Commission of the Upper House, has stated that "given the current situation, we have to carry out a census evaluation of the impact on student learning and performance."

Likewise, the popular spokesman has demanded a study on the measures adopted throughout the health crisis unleashed by the pandemic, as well as its consequences on the system itself and on the students.

In his opinion, “the pandemic caused by COVID-19, difficult to predict at the time, and that everything indicates that he will live with us for at least this school year, makes it necessary to adopt extraordinary measures for the good of our students , which shape the future of Spain ”.

"We are facing an unprecedented situation – Vázquez has assured – but with serious consequences for our students, especially the most disadvantaged, either for economic reasons or for presenting special educational needs." In addition, the motion of the GPP asks the Government, in collaboration With the Autonomous Communities, establish theoretical-practical support and reinforcement plans, taking into account the school community and covering the entire educational process, to avoid that no one is left out of the system and that the weakest pay the consequences.


For this reason, the spokesperson for GPP Universities has indicated that it is necessary to carry out “census tests that assess the impact of COVID on the learning and performance of students at all stages, from the earliest ages to those who promoted in ESO or Baccalaureate or they took a vocational training course ”.

On the other hand, Jesús Vázquez has denounced the “lack of preparation of the system”, which together with the insecurity and uncertainty that has been generated, is causing serious dysfunctions. He then pointed out that the "effects will not be visible in the medium and short term, but will be seen in the long term on a personal level, as they will suffer the consequences of inefficient training, and it will affect the country itself."

“We need to know the situation classroom by classroom, course by course, in order to make the most specific decisions aimed at influencing the difficulties of each student, directly and without hesitation. Equity is an inalienable parameter, and all the measures that are put in place must guarantee that the system is as equitable and just as possible, avoiding that people with the greatest needs or difficulties are the most affected ”, he stressed.

Finally, the GPP spokesperson stressed that “thinking of the most vulnerable people, it is necessary to adopt decisions that compensate for the deficiencies derived from this crisis in their educational process; to look the other way and do nothing today, will be to condemn the tomorrow of Spain and of the generations that will have to support this country ”, he remarked.

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