Joaquín Pérez Rey points out the dialogue as the basis of a new stage in labor relations

Joaquín Pérez Rey, who has spoken in this way at the beginning of the meeting of the Social Dialogue of Employment and Labor Relations, has shown his satisfaction at the stage that begins in the field of social dialogue, "which this Government wants make an identity sign ".

The meeting was attended, among others, the Director of Labor Relations of the CEOE, Rosa Santos; the general secretary of CEPYME, Pedro Fernández; the Secretary of Trade Union Action of CCOO, Mª Cruz Vicente and the Secretary of Trade Union Policy of UGT, Gonzalo Pino.

"We get to work with the constructive spirit of reaching an agreement that allows us to return to collective bargaining his voice," said Pérez Rey, who added that the objective of this Table is to "allow us to incorporate into the labor standard the guarantee of rights and face the orderly repeal of labor reform "and, all this, within the framework of" sincere and permanent "dialogue with the social partners.

The Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy has advanced that collective bargaining and outsourcing will be some of the central themes of the Social Dialogue Board. "These are two key elements in Spanish labor relations and we have to go around because they are responsible for some of the labor market shortages and the devaluation of wages and some of the elements of labor poverty that affect us ", stressed Pérez Rey.

The head of the Secretary of State has warned that the calendar of the Social Dialogue Table will be set by common agreement with the representatives of businessmen and unions, "but this Ministry has the firm intention of moving quickly."

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