José Cano García has been unanimously re-elected president of the Business Confederation of the Province of Almería, ASEMPAL, at the Electoral Assembly that has been held at its headquarters. José Cano thus renews his third term as head of the Almería business confederation for the next four years.

Together with the president, the Executive Commission has been elected, a team that will accompany José Cano in this mandate and which is made up of Luis Escámez Martín (Escámez Textil), Cecilio Peregrín González (Grupo Primaflor) and José María Rossell Massachs (Senator Hotels Resorts) as vice presidents; José Luis Muñoz Giménez (Promotora Constructora Gaide), treasurer; and Javier Deleyto Alcalá (Michelin Experiences Center of Almería-CEMA), Carmen Román Reche (Crisara), Concepción Parra Pardo (Mercadona), Antonio José Navarro Martín (ASAJA), Josephine Cuadras (Cuadraspania) and Sergio Arráez Bonilla (Cicue auxiliary services) , as service members.

The President of Asempal has thanked the General Assembly for their trust and support in continuing to work in favor of companies in Almería, vitalizing the province's economy and generating employment.

José Cano has vindicated the role of companies in the economic recovery and recognized the effort and social value that the business fabric of Almería has shown during the pandemic, as well as the work of Asempal that has been present when businessmen have needed it most. , with a useful and effective work, reporting all the regulations and news up to the minute, helping them in solving problems and transferring their demands to local administrations.

Planet, People and Well-being

It has also advanced some of the most significant objectives that it faces in its renewed mandate and that pivot on three basic axes: Planet, People and Well-being.

In the Planet section, José Cano proposes that Almería be a European benchmark in sustainability and that the project on Clean Water-Energies and Foods promoted jointly by Asempal and the Provincial Government, go ahead, thanks to its alignment with the economic reactivation strategy set launched by the European Union and that Almería can benefit from these European funds.

This initiative would also contribute to the industrialization of the province with sustainable criteria, for which, the employer's leader insists, two elements are essential: legal certainty and administrative agility and the completion of large pending infrastructures.

In the People chapter, it highlights the need to relaunch business activity and employment, because without companies there is no employment, as well as intensifying actions to guarantee the health and safety of people at work.

As for Well-being, the President of Asempal pointed out as a great challenge to advance the commitment of companies in Almería with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

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