The national deputy of VOX, José María Figaredo, after the new statutory framework of the Government of Spain to the large electrointensive industry in which Asturias does not benefit contrary to what happens in other regions, has stated that "the Council of Ministers It has already approved a statute for electrointensive power, but it is totally insufficient since it will not have any impact on the Asturian electrointensive industry, which will continue to be suffocated by energy costs that climate taxation maintains artificially high ”.

“Other countries – explains Figaredo – have taken measures to compensate for these artificial costs. Germany or France compensate their industry for this regulatory pressure and keep the KW / h costs around € 20. However, in Spain we are around € 40. This difference means that Spanish products, due to this climatic taxation, cannot compete in the international market. For example, a button: companies such as Alcoa, with the statute approved by the Council of Ministers, will receive as compensation about € 0.6 per KW / h when the difference with other EU countries is around € 20. In short, the statute does not fix anything. The industry continues in the same precarious situation in which it was a year ago ”.

José María Figaredo regrets that “sadly, we will continue to see the deindustrialization of Spain and especially of the Cantabrian coast where we have the highest proportion of electrointensive. Companies will continue to disappear and jobs will continue to dissolve ”. The VOX deputy for Asturias believes that “the PSOE had in its hands to solve the problem. It could have ensured that the Spanish industry competed on equal terms with the European one. However, it has not. The Spanish and, above all, the Asturians will pay the consequences. Meanwhile, Adrián Barbón continues to be concerned with the bable ”, he concluded.

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