José Manuel Barreiro durante su intervención.

 The deputy spokesperson of the GPP affirms that it is a strategic sector and should be a priority for any government

The deputy spokesperson of the Popular Group, José Manuel Barreiro, has valued the Spanish tourism sector as "engine of the economy and creator of wealth and employment" and has criticized the inefficiency of the Government because, "it has not done anything for the sector" .

This is how the deputy spokesperson of the GPP has referred, during the debate of an interpellation to the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, about the situation of the tourism sector after the end of the summer season.

Barreiro has assured that the tourism sector is "a strategic and fundamental sector for the Spanish economy" and, in his opinion "should be a priority for any government, but it has not been like that for the Executive of Sánchez."

In this way, he explained that the current losses in the tourism sector are between 100-135 million euros and highlighted that up to 2 million jobs may be lost, in addition to having lost around 40 million this year. tourists. "Why is Spain in this situation ?;

Why are we worse off here than in other countries? José Manuel Barreiro has asked himself. "We are worse off due to deception, radicalism, loss of confidence and security and the ineffective management of the Government," he asserted emphatically.

In this sense, Barreiro has reproached Minister Maroto for saying that on a specific date the border with France and Portugal would be opened, and a few hours later, both countries and his own Government would disavow it. "This creates uncertainty," he pointed out. In addition, he recalled the statements of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, when he affirmed that tourism was "a precarious sector that did not generate added value." "It is inexcusable and creates confusion."

During his speech in the Plenary, the deputy spokesman for the GPP accused the Government of not having prepared "a specific Plan for the tourism sector" and recalled that the U.E. He has said that the Spanish Government has not presented any plan to work in favor of the sector. "Things have not been done well and that creates uncertainty", he pointed out.

“What are they doing to combat uncertainty?” He asked Reyes Maroto and added that “the space that we leave will be occupied by other countries”, that they are working in this direction. "A client costs a lot to win, little to lose and much more to get it back," said the popular senator.

"They have to turn the tourism sector into the locomotive of the Spanish economy, implement fiscal measures, such as a reduction in VAT, and present specific projects for the sector charged to European funds," he said.

In this sense, Barreiro has highlighted the initiative presented by Pablo Casado, who has proposed a bonus of 400 euros to reactivate national tourism, with a reduction of up to 30% in accommodation. These funds would come out of the 52 million canceled from INSERSO.

Finally, Barreiro has asked Minister Maroto to “be more modest and recognize that in 2017, with the Government of Rajoy, there were a record number of tourists, 82 million; and in 2018, another record number, 83 million visitors ”.

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