VOX today called for a greater and more efficient investment in childhood disability, ensuring that the necessary resources are allocated and promoting the necessary actions to achieve equality in childhood and not leave any child behind. This was stated during the debate on the Motion on the reform of article 49 of the Constitution.

The VOX senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has asked that the current crisis be turned into "an opportunity to invest in the present and the future of childhood, and promote the measures that are necessary to address the impact of the crisis on children and adolescents with disabilities, prioritizing addressing urgent issues.

Vulnerable collective

Thus, he explained that to achieve this, "it is essential to ensure that their rights are placed at the center of the measures to address the crisis and recovery." For this reason, it has called on the rest of the unity groups to promote legislative actions that prevent the crisis caused by the pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children, especially the most vulnerable: disabled children.

Senator Marín has argued that it is a group "that does not have representatives, does not mobilize, their screams remain on the four walls of their houses, when they do." "It is certainly incomprehensible that in our country a 40-year-old adult woman has more judicial protection than a three-year-old male child," he lamented

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