The VOX senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has defended during his speech in the Motion urging the Government to adopt certain measures aimed at recovering Spain's foreign image after the Covid-19 pandemic, that the deterioration suffered by Marca España under the current communist social executive has been significant.

Marín has recognized that this deterioration is based on three fundamental axes: the negligent health management of the crisis caused by Covid-19, the negligent economic and financial management and the brotherhood of this Government with Bolivarian regimes.

“The management of the pandemic has been, to say the least, very poor. The list of errors is too long, among other immediate measures, that of following the recommendation of the World Health Organization regarding avoiding concentrations of people, a notice that was given on January 30 of this year, "said the senator. and added: «From this recommendation to the declaration of the pandemic by the WHO, 44 days elapsed, time that was not used to order, in due time, to the national manufacturers of protective equipment, the manufacture of sufficient stocks of PPE to health personnel or have the business network in general to deal with this situation.

The truth is that Spain has systematically failed to meet deficit targets and that does hurt our brand. Spain, the fourth economy in the European Union and the fourteenth in the world, has been corrected by Eurostat with regard to the data sent by our Nation.

Marín stressed that the international damage caused by the Spanish Government's friendship with the Bolivarian regimes seems especially important to me, and has asked: «Do we consider it appropriate to continue with this policy of fellowship with Bolivarian regimes and to continue to rude the United States Government? ».

The variables of the “institutional quality” dimension, which with those of an economic-business nature were the ones that suffered the most from the impact of the past economic crisis and which continue to recover in 2020.

After submitting several amendments, Marín has concluded that now "more than ever the effort, commitment and work of all is necessary to position Spain in the place it deserves."

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