"We Spaniards are capable of achieving great achievements if we keep in force the constitutional principles on which our coexistence, our solidarity and the common progress of our Nation are based. So it has begun José Manuel Marín, VOX senator, his intervention in the debate on the Motion urging the Government to defend the constitutional order and protect all State Institutions.

Marín recalled that the Spanish Constitution of 1978 is the supreme rule of the Spanish legal system, which has allowed us to make important decisions about our political, social and economic organization, and to develop our Welfare and Autonomous State.

"A democracy does not require making the Constitution an object of worship, it simply requires its compliance to guarantee the freedom and equality of all citizens before the law, which in turn requires that the principle of inter-territorial solidarity be applied", Marín declared, and added: «The Parliamentary Monarchy is one of the wisest legal-political instruments that exist because it combines stability with the limit of power, and avoids being in uncertainties every four years, since we have one person, “The King”, sufficiently prepared, with a sense of the State, and with a sense of responsibility ».

The senator has affirmed that the work of the senators is to defend and protect the institution of the Crown, as well as "the dignity and figure of His Majesty, King Felipe VI, who embodies the indissoluble unity and historical continuity of the Spanish nation ».

Marín has lamented that Spain, as a sovereign nation, is threatened from various fronts: «It is towards her that certain political, pro-independence, nationalist, bilduetarras groups direct their actions, whose purpose is to cause damage to Spain, in its political singularity, in order to last to end its existence, globally considered, "he commented.

The mere existence of these groups already represents a formal threat to the Spanish nation and the respect and dignity of the symbols constitutes the essence of our identity, in addition, “we are seeing how the Government of the Nation gives in to those whose objective is to break the Constitutional Order ”, specified Marín.

VOX, containment dam

The Sánchez-Iglesias government is already a declared enemy of the Constitution, of freedom, of harmony and of peace among the Spanish. A proof of this is the suppression in the "Code of Ethics of the Courts" of compliance with the Constitution under the formula of "I swear or I promise", as established by the Organic Law of the General Electoral System.

To conclude, Marín recalled that VOX is the only containment dam, as well as that this party "was the only popular accusation in the process, it was the only accusation in Torra's conviction, although the PP wants to appropriate it, it was the the only one who denounced the burning of flags wherever it occurred, also he who requests that the separatist symbolism be removed from public buildings, we were alone, as now in Parliament.

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