The senator of VOX for the Region of Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has reproached the attitude of the Executive before the health crisis that plagues
Spain. During the Constitutional Commission that is being held today in the Senate, Marín asked the first vice president of the Government, Carme Calvo, if they really did not have the slightest guide to face the pandemic.

Marín has reproached Calvo for not activating the protocols set forth, for example, in the National Plan for Preparation and Response to a Flu Pandemic – of the year 2005, updated in 2006 and completed with annexes in subsequent years. "It was already described in this document, and advised for such a case social distancing, and even the restriction of travel to affected areas," the senator explained to the vice president.

The senator has also mentioned the report on the National Security Strategy, which would have served to anticipate "the tremendous situation that was coming upon us," but, Marín has reproached, "they preferred to play it in a big way, and celebrate the demonstration of the 8-M ”.

"This ineffectiveness and ineptitude of the Government is due to the fact that, above the safeguard of the health of the Spanish people, there was the will to extract profitability, political and ideological, from the great 8-M demonstration," Marín lamented.

During his intervention, Marín recalled that, at the time of declaring the State of Alarm, 136 people had already died. “The Government turned a deaf ear to all the recommendations that, both from national levels – CNI, National Police, Civil Guard, etc. – and international ones – WHO; European Center for Disease Control and Prevention-, warned them, since January, of the serious
health situation that was coming upon us ", has reproached the senator.

On the other hand, Marín has denounced that the Government "to hide its ignominy, chooses to twist the legality, in the same way that they twist the language." In this sense, it has reproached the Executive for approving the "State of Alarm, which allows a limitation on the movement of people or vehicles, when, in reality, in its development they impose a prohibition on the movement of people or vehicles, and thus prohibit the holding meetings and demonstrations ”. Some prohibitions that are only allowed in a State of Exception or Siege.

For this reason, Marín recalled that, due to the exceptional nature of the situation, it can only be faced "within the constitutional framework". "Only by reaffirming the primacy of the Constitution, as a manifestation of National Sovereignty, will our democracy come out stronger from this crisis," said the senator.

Lastly, Marín asked Calvo: "If they considered the prohibition of movements necessary and with it also the right to assembly, why did they not use the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution, in article 116 EC and the State of Exception?" .

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