Murcia, July 24, 2020.- The VOX senator, José Manuel Marín, He has expressed his concern about the state of completion of the AVE works as it passes through Murcia, as well as the undergrounding of the works and the availability of the Madrid-Murcia line for the use of travelers.

The Minister of Development and Infrastructure of the Region of Murcia, José Ramón Díez de Revenga, held last July 11, prior to the holding of the Board of Directors of the "Sociedad de Murcia Alta Velocidad" (which would take place two days later) , the following manifestations collected in different media: "The works for the burying of the AVE as it passes through Murcia are completely paralyzed from the Carmen station and extends to the Barriomar and Nonduermas neighborhoods."

The senator wanted to know why the works have been completely stopped since November 2019 and there is not a single machine in this section, there is no movement or even collection of material. To the detriment of the residents of the Region of Murcia, as stated by the counselor, not a millimeter has been advanced in the works that accumulate several months of delay, which conditions the continuity of the burial, as the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

These works, which start at the Carmen Station and extend until reaching Nonduermas, which means burying a section of more than 5 kilometers and giving continuity to the works currently underway in the area of ​​Santiago El Mayor and the Senda de los Garres , are an unfulfilled promise that Murcia has been waiting for years.

That is why José Manuel Marín has submitted the following written questions to the central government:

What are the deadlines for completion of the AVE works when passing through Murcia?

When are the burial works to be resumed?

When will the Madrid-Murcia AVE line be ready for passenger use?

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