VOX has submitted the "Proposal for Denial of Authorization" to the International Agreement on taxation and protection of financial interests between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in relation to Gibraltar.
Noting that the Gibraltarian economy is highly dependent on the Spanish economy (Gibraltar uses, according to its own sources, some 14,000 workers residing in Spain, of which about 8,000 are Spanish), Senator José Manuel Marín He commented that "we are facing a unique occasion in our history to force the British to comply with the United Nations resolutions that order them to sit down with Spain and negotiate the decolonization of Gibraltar."

Marín stressed that the Spanish Government has chosen not to include the claim for sovereignty in the negotiations “and be content with negotiating specific aspects that, supposedly, improve the situation of workers and reduce the economic and fiscal damage that Gibraltar causes to the Spanish economy ».

In addition, José Manuel Marín has highlighted several reasons why to vote NO to the ratification of the Authorization to the International Agreement on taxation on Gibraltar, such as the large number of workers who will continue to be discriminated against and excluded from the Gibraltarian welfare system, the misery as a pension they will receive when they retire or the fact that wealthy Gibraltarians will continue to live in properties owned by Gibraltarian companies in La Línea, Sotogrande, Estepona, Marbella or other places on the coast, and will still not pay taxes in Spain.

"The main thing is to regain our sovereignty over Gibraltar," said Marín, adding: "It is a shame that we lose the opportunity to enforce the rights of Spain. That is why our position is to vote NO to the treaty, which is the same as voting YES to the sovereignty and dignity of our country, ”Marín concluded.

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