Jose Maria Llanos has criticized, during the Human Rights Commission, that the Ministry of Transparency designates "60% of its budget, that is, 30 million, to help other countries to carry out ideological policies, sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda, global citizenship … Instead of worrying about the needs of Valencians”.

For the president and deputy spokesperson of the VOX Parliamentary Group, he stated: “The confusion of this ultra-left government is evident: they criticize the concept of charity (love for others and help those who have the least) and prefer that of solidarity (peer-to-peer support), which is ineffective because if you don't have it you won't can you help”.

Jose Maria Llanos has regretted that "the Ministry of Transparency is dedicating itself to opening graves and creating ideology in other countries instead of worrying about those inside, who are the ones who pay their salaries ”.

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