The president and deputy spokesperson of the VOX Valencian Community Parliamentary Group, José María Llanos, has stated this morning that the Botanist's proposal for a resolution to raise taxes on Valencians in the midst of a crisis is "outrageous."

"This is the line that the left follows when it governs: raise taxes, suffocate families, workers, the middle class. We believe that the measure to promote investment, consumption and saving is lower taxes and that the money is in the pocket of the citizens”, Said José María Llanos after the Board of Spokespersons.

José María Llanos has made reference to the nine motions for resolutions that VOX has presented in the general policy debate on sensitive matters for Valencians at this time of serious economic, social and health crisis that we are living.

"We have presented proposals on education, health, economy, tourism, trade, agriculture, fishing and livestock, social policies … In general, what we want is budget lines are eliminated, that make no sense in these moments of need of the Valencians and that go focused on ideologies and gender perspectives, indoctrination and Catalanization in schools, and budget lines to be opened, for example by 2021, in favor of farmers so that this primary sector is not destroyed or to increase aid for the dining room, to provide masks to children, promote birth… ”.

The motions for resolutions presented by VOX are the following:

Economy: Urge the Consell to revitalize and promote tourism; create aid for the maintenance of hotels; aid for the payment of the rental of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops; create dialogue tables; cutting of superfluous budget lines and drastic reduction in political spending. Ask the Government of Spain to reduce VAT.

Education: Review the spending policy and eliminate subsidies to allocate that money to prevention and safety in educational centers; aids for dining room and for the purchase of masks; avoid inequality between students. Implement the school check; free choice of language; the single district and implement the Parental Pin in schools and institutes.

Social Policy: Provide residences with audiovisual devices; provide them with antigen tests for the rapid detection of infections; psychological and spiritual care; information campaigns for home help, 'Menjar home ’ or telecare; create a registry to detect the elderly at risk, promote leisure activities for the elderly.

Social Policy: Promote policies to support the birth rate and the family; eliminate budget lines for gender policies to use that money to protect the family; restructuring of the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, eliminating the general directorates of a marked ideological nature such as gender policies.

Immigration: Urge the Consell to use the Alicante field hospital for its purpose and not as an improvised CIE; publish the maintenance and care expenses of each Unaccompanied Foreign Minor (Mena) under the tutelage of the Generalitat. Urge the Government of Spain to toughen illegal immigration policies and that whoever accesses Spain illegally can never reside in this country; repatriate illegal immigrants who commit crimes; combat mafias that cooperate with human trafficking; eliminate aid to NGOs that collaborate with mafias and human trafficking; deployment of the Navy to stop the invasion of illegals; reopening of the CIES (Center for the Internment of Foreigners).

farming: Create budget lines for 2021 that cover workers in the primary sector; aid to aquaculture; urge the Ministry to authorize the use of methylchlorpyrifos to fight against Cotonet and help to beat Xylella. Urge the Government of Spain to renegotiate the PAC (Community Agrarian Policy).

Health: Carry out a plan for dealing with waiting lists in Health; promote a monitoring and control system for Covid patients; creation of clean circuits in health centers; develop a comprehensive plan for the prevention of attacks in the health environment.

living place: Exclude squatters from any public aid; liberate squatted houses; promote measures to avoid squats; urge the Government of Spain to aggravate the penalties for occupation; provide the State security forces and bodies with better tools and means to act in the event of squats and proceed to eviction; increase legal protection for squatted homeowners

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