The President and Deputy Spokesperson of the VOX Valencian Community Parliamentary Group, Jose Maria Llanos, has regretted today, after the appearance of the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, in the Commission of Economy on the budgets, that the aid to the families is large, if not nonexistent; workers, freelancers and small companies have not seen their tax burden lowered at all while taxes continue to rise.
José María Llanos has stated that “we are facing foolish, illogical and impossible budgets. VOX will always defend the zero deficit – although at this time it is not possible -; we will be against subsidies to ensure patronage; and we will always fight to achieve a reduction in the Administration ”.
The President and Deputy Speaker has insisted that while Valencians cut expenses to survive, you – the Botanist – "have a phantom income for budgets that are completely ideological." And he added: "How much could be done for citizens with the items that you dedicate to gender discrimination or to apply safety and hygiene measures, for example, in the courts, such as in Torrente, where people crowd, without safety distance, in the corridors, with delays of more than two hours ”.
The Valencian parliamentarian has emphasized a series of aid for non-profit organizations of victims of terrorism and has pointed out that the associations of victims of Covid-19 should also have been included in these aid "which would be of tremendous justice."
File rooms with rats and water cuts
He also recalled the deficient infrastructures that the Justice has in the Valencian Community: “There are file rooms with rats, others flooded, there are courts that run out of basic supplies such as water due to non-payment of the Administration… But you call it the new face of Justice, when in fact it is very old ”.
José María Llanos has concluded by saying that they are "procedural budgets, to cover the file, with inaccuracies and even obvious falsehoods" and recalled terrible inconsistencies: "Last year he estimated 45 million investment in infrastructure and this year they foresee 5 That is, 90% less. Rigor is having what is necessary and counting on what you have ”.

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