José María Quijano Riestra has been elected as the new general secretary of the Spanish Confederation of Transport of Goods (CETM) to replace Miguel Ángel Valverde Jiménez, who has been at the head of the CETM for seventeen years and who will continue to be linked to the organization in quality of counselor and as general secretary of the Spanish Confederation of Employers Organizations of Transport by Road (CONETRANS).

Quijano, born in Santander in 1963, takes the reins of which is recognized by the Ministry of Development as the largest transport and logistics organization in Spain and representing more than 31,000 companies throughout the national territory. Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and Master in Management and Management of Transport and Logistics Companies from the ESIC Business School, he has nearly thirty years of experience in positions of national and international responsibility in the management team of the CETM.

Currently, he also holds the position of general secretary of the Spanish Federation of Transport Assistants (FEDAT – CETM OPERADORES) and is the manager of SINTRA, S.L., the transport services company of the CETM.

For his part, Dulsé Díaz Fresno has been appointed deputy secretary general. Diploma in Business Management and Administration from the UCM and Master in Management and Management of Transport and Logistics Companies by the ESIC, Díaz will continue holding the positions of Director of Communication and Image of the CETM and general secretary of CETM Cisterns and CETM Carriers .

The CETM is committed to internal promotion in the preparation of its new organization chart, with which it intends to strengthen its national and international leadership capacity in the transport and merchandise logistics sector, expanding its framework of action and participation and increasing both the services that are being offered, such as the quality of them.

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