La Línea de la Concepción, August 12, 2020. Juan Carlos Valenzuela has shown his most absolute rejection of the broadcast planned by the Netflix platform of a documentary miniseries entitled "La Línea la Sombra del Narco."

According to the website of the production company itself, it shows "the complex situation that exists in the Campo de Gibraltar", however, as has happened on multiple occasions, the title itself makes direct and exclusive reference to the city of La Línea .

From VOX we reject that this biased and opportunistic image of our city continues to be offered, demonstrating a profound ignorance of the reality of a humble, hard-working, welcoming and fighting people like no other, despite the continuous historical abandonment that has been suffered by the institutions supra-municipal.

The VOX coordinator has demanded that the mayor of our city officially show his rejection of this continuous information abuse that La Línea has been suffering instead of, as on recent occasions, enlarging that wave of discredit of the city he represents with ambiguous statements and of doubtful benefit for its citizens.

Finally, the VOX team in La Línea has shown its willingness to accompany the production company team to record the reality of Linea, its benefits, culture, gastronomy, beaches, although we doubt that a documentary about that image of the city will be so profitable as the one they intend to transfer.

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