El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Juan Diego Requena

Holders of his speech:

  1. The GPP Energy spokesperson points out in the parliamentary committee that "Spain and the Spanish are tired of you and your government partners
    make this country a leader in deaths and infections from COVID19, and do so by destroying the economy and devastating Spain for future generations. ”

  2. “What could we expect, if it took a month to realize that the drop in demand for electric energy was a shock never seen in 70 years? What if you have been talking about Green Deal for two months, but have spent two years as a minister doing absolutely nothing for the development of renewable energy? Zero megawatts ”, he denounces.

  3. He calls on the minister to "do not ask the Spaniards for patience or to remain watching as you do nothing and lead our economy to ruin."

  4. "Tell the Spanish that while SMEs and the self-employed cannot take advantage of the reduction in electric power, Red Eléctrica Española, the company they want
    handle you, has announced the distribution of some juicy dividends ”.

  5. “Count the 12 million families who use butane gas who could have saved 5% on the cylinder, but who have not even stopped to do the
    calculations ”.

  6. It requires knowing what the Government is going to do with the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant and whether they are also going to confiscate the funds of the Nuclear Safety Council.

  7. “You perfectly summarize what your government is. On April 14 they make her coordinator of the de-escalation plan and on April 28 they separate her from coordination and relegate her to insignificance, because all she contributed was telling us that Portugal is in the west of Spain and that the bars that are not Nice, don't open it. "

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